Tonight, NBC aired the big premiere of Midnight, Texas. The fans have been waiting for this show and it is finally here. TV Guide got the chance to talk to creator Monica Owusu-Breen who broke down everything about this wild first episode of the show. The first episode started out with a physic having his body taken over by an upset spirit and the show just got crazier from there. The pilot was shot over a year ago and it took a while for the show to actually air.

If you don’t know, Midnight, Texas is based on Charlaine Harris’ books. One shocking thing that happened tonight was that Bobo ended up taking the fall for Aubrey’s murder. This storyline could last forever, but instead, it will end up being resolved some next week. They had planned on the show being about this murder mystery, but NBC wanted it to be more supernatural so they changed it up pretty fast after the pilot was shot.

Every single character has their own story on Midnight, Texas. The murder storyline is Bobo’s story. It was explained that Manfred actually grew up in a gypsy caravan and he is used to traveling the world. For him, it will be a lot about finding a place that he calls home.

There is a lot of information in this first episode. It was asked why they gave it all away so soon, but Monica Owusu-Breen had a great answer for this. Here is how it was explained.

“The books are a very slow build, and we started off with a very slow story. It’s hard when you’re not sure who everyone is, and one of the things that occurred to me is just because you know someone is a witch, just because you know someone is an angel, doesn’t mean you know anything about them, how they got there, what their loves are, what their obstacles are, how they were empowered, what their powers are. There were so many other questions that just to lay it out who these people are doesn’t even tell you who they really are inside. So it felt to us that it was worth front-loading the story to give the audience a question mark, and then every episode after that we reveal a backstory or truth or history about one of the Midnighters.”

One favorite character will be Mr. Snuggly. He is part of the books, too and he is going to fit in just right to Midnight, Texas. The fans are going to love this character and he is going to bring some comedy to the show as well. This will be who Figi likes to talk to in his loneliness.

Here we go!!!! Everyone gets bloody in #MidnightTexas @nbc

What did you think of the big premiere of Midnight, Texas? Will you be tuning in next week? Sound off in the comments section below, and don’t miss new episodes of Midnight, Texas when they air on Monday nights on NBC. So far, the show is just in its first season and fans are going to have to wait and see if it is as big of a hit as they are expecting.

— Emma Loggins (@emmaloggins) July 24, 2017

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